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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for Beautelle, Manufacturing Centre, Moor Lane, Witton, Birmingham B6 7HH.

This policy governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it. It explains how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) [pre GDPR enforcement] and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations).

This policy will explain areas of this website that may affect your privacy and personal details, how we process, collect, manage and store those details and how your rights under the GDPR, DPA & PECR are adhered to. Additionally, it will explain the use of cookies or software, and the download of any documents, files or software made available to you (if any) on this website. Further explanations may be provided for specific pages or features of this website to help you understand how we, this website and its third parties (if any) interact with you and your computer / device in order to serve it to you. Our contact information is provided if you have any questions.

The DPA & GDPR May 2018

Beautelle and its websites comply with the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and already complies to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into effect from May 2018. We will update this policy accordingly after the completion of the UK's exit from the European Union.

Personal Information

Personally identifiable information such your name, postal address, telephone number, bank or credit card details are collected only if you "opt in" by choosing to give us this information in relation to an enquiry or sales order.

Sales Order information is retained securely by us only to effect Order Processing, Bespoke Manufacture and subsequent Order Delivery and thereafter in relation to the product Guarantee. It may also be used by us to facilitate installation, maintenance, reupholstery and repairs on your premises.

This information is shared with third parties only in relation to these processes and is shared specifically with transport companies/ couriers to facilitate the delivery of your order.


The Beautelle website does NOT use tracking cookies.

The order online sections of this website use cookies only to: remember the goods a user wishes to buy through the procedures of product selection/specification; to the secure buying process; and then to the transaction confirmation. These are permitted as ‘essential cookies’.

Emailing Lists & Marketing Messages

We use Email marketing to inform health and treatment professionals about our products and services.

We only use lists supplied by mailing specialists who categorically confirm that all the email addresses that they supply have opt-in consent in accordance with GDPR regulations and that Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time through a readily available published procedure.

Downloads & Media Files

Any downloadable documents, files or media made available on these websites are provided to users at their own risk. While all precautions have been undertaken to ensure only genuine downloads are available users are advised to verify their authenticity using third party anti-virus software or similar applications.

We accept no responsibility for third party downloads and downloads provided by external third party websites and advise users to verify their authenticity using third party anti-virus software or similar applications.

Contact & Communication with us

Users contacting us through these websites do so at their own discretion and provide any such personal details requested at their own risk.

Your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer required or has no use.

Where we have clearly stated and made you aware of the fact, and where you have given your express permission, we may use your details to send you products/services information through a mailing list system. This is done in accordance with the regulations named in 'The policy' above.

Social Media Policy

Our websites do not include content from or links to social media. 

Company Details                  

Beautelle Therapy Equipment.

Manufacturing Centre, Moor Lane, Witton, Birmingham B6 7HH

Registered Number 6735158. Registered office as company address.

A division of Meditelle Group Ltd